"Bob's experience & depth of knowledge in the ins and outs of an ecommerce website is exceptional." - Keith Kennelly, President / Owner Retroplanet

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"Bob is a passionate paid search expert with over a decade experience turning clicks into sales"
Randi Brawley, President

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Focused on Business Goals 

Having good Paid Per Click (PPC) skills are important but are they aligned to your business objectives?

How do We Define a PPC Expert?

lots of people can say they are an expert at paid search advertising & in minutes we will explain what it takes

What Should You Expect from a Google Expert?

Review our 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire - Right Here!

Constant CRO Thinking

Make the most of high costs of traffic by applying Conversion Rate Optimization everyday

Quick Results for Sales 

A Profitable Program occurs when Sales & Marketing are working from the same playbook!

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Google Adwords Certified & Analytics + 15 Years Exp.

PPC Landing Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

Specialized in SEO & Managing High Cost Clicks

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Our In-depth PPC Knowledge

Experience in Managing 100's of Ad Campaigns will Benefit You in Obtaining Results Quicker

Focused on Conversation Rate Optimization

Aligning the Search Journey to the Conversion process will increase the number of Sales or Leads

Turning Ad Expense into Profits

As Paid Search Costs increase special techiques will help manage this expense and focus on profits

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